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 (ĭg′ə-rōt′, ē′gə-)
n. pl. Igorot or I·go·rots
1. A member of any of several peoples of the mountains of northern Luzon in the Philippines.
2. Any of the Austronesian languages of the Igorot.

[Igorot Igōlot, mountaineers (unattested sense), Igorot : i-, n. pref. + Gōlot, name of a mountain range; akin to Tagalog gulod, hilltop.]


(ˌɪɡəˈrəʊt; ˌiːɡə-) or


n, pl -rot, -rots, -rote or -rotes
(Peoples) a member of a Negrito people of the mountains of N Luzon in the Philippines: noted as early exponents of mining
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In variations of similar motifs, the 40 candidates sauntered on the Kia Theater stage as Maranao princesses, Igorot maidens or Lumad warriors-and, in a refreshing turn, as Trinidad Perez Tecson.
My inspiration comes from remembering the Ifugao and Igorot.
Fashion note: Available for rent, the native costumes of the Igorot were a hot item with Japanese and Korean visitors.
Guests in the IMTM and Philippine Tourism night were wowed by the performance of multi-awarded Sindaw performers with their rendition of original Filipino musicand the traditional dance of the members of the Association of Igorot Migrant Workers in Israel.
Together Apart is an intimate family portrait of two Igorot women from the Cordilleras who left the Philippines to seek work abroad.
Digna Adonis and Jen Couch from the Australian Catholic University also address issues of collaboration and post-colonial education work in their paper on the experiences of attaining higher education for Igorot Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines.
Organizers transported over one thousand members of the Igorot, Negrito, Visayan, and Moro tribes from the islands to inhabit the exhibit.
A member of the Kankanaey Igorot people in the Philippines, she is one of the Indigenous leaders who helped draft the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 1993 and then lobbied for it for more than 20 years until the UN General Assembly finally adopted the treaty in 2007.
One of them is what I encountered in the Northern Philippines among the Igorot mountain tribes.
The elections of igorot gobernadorcillos in the Philippines at late 19th century
The tunnel was first dug by Igorot miners in the early 1900s on orders from General Douglas MacArthur, a military adviser to former president, Manuel Quezon.
Yet this was probably not an absolute prerequisite to marriage, like Igorot headhunters who reported that 'To take a head is not necessary to marriage, but the young women like it better' (Kolkmar 1974: 230).