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var. of -able in words borrowed from Latin, orig. suffixed to verb stems ending in a labial consonant ( labile; nubile), later added to other verb stems ( agile; docile; facile; fragile).
Compare -tile.
[< Latin -ilis, alter. of -ibilis by haplology, as habilis able from *habibilis]


a suffix of adjectives borrowed from Latin, meaning “pertaining to or characteristic of” the class of persons named by the stem: infantile; juvenile; puerile; virile.
[< Latin -ī-lis]


a suffix used to form words denoting the value of a statistical variable that divides a distribution into a given number of equal-sized groups, as specified by the initial element of the word: decile; percentile.
[on the model of quintile or sextile]


References in classic literature ?
Ever since young Stiggs coming from that unfort'nt v'y'ge of his, when he was gone four years and a half, with only three barrels of ile, was found dead in my first floor back, with his harpoon in his side; ever since then I allow no boarders to take sich dangerous weepons in their rooms at night.
The Chateau du Glandier is one of the oldest chateaux in the Ile de France, where so many building remains of the feudal period are still standing.
It's us must break the treaty when the time comes; and till then I'll gammon that doctor, if I have to ile his boots with brandy.
They had left the Ile Ratonneau, where the lighthouse stood, on the right, and were now opposite the Point des Catalans.
d'Artagnan will conduct the prisoner to the Ile Sainte-Marguerite.
He felt the need of making a trip in the Ile de France, and begged us -- the Comte de la Fere and Monsieur du Vallon -- to accompany him.
Sonuc: Calismamizda, mikrodalga kullanilarak yapilan gomme oncesi immun-elektron yontemi ile DG bolgesinde DCX varliginin belirlenebildigini gosterdik.
Occurrence of the GSTP1 Val/Val homozygote was found to be more frequent in the control group than the asthmatics in a study carried out on Tunisian Children, moreover there was a higher prevalence of GSTP1 Ile allele in the asthmatic children than the control group (43.
Le professeur et chercheur a la faculte des sciences a Sfax Imed Jribi a fait savoir dans une declaration, a l'agence TAP, en marge de cette operation, a laquelle a assiste le ministre de l'environnement et du developpement durable, Nejib Derouich, que le programme du controle de nidification de la tortue marine au niveau des iles Kuriat a demarre il y a 20 ans.
Bulgular: 2006-14 arasinda ulusal radyoloji kongrelerinde hasta dozu ile ilgili sunulan bildirilerin sayisi ortalama 4,44[+ or -]2,83, Avrupa radyoloji kongrelerinde ise ortalama 189,67[+ or -]145,12'di.