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A river, about 1,500 km (830 mi) long, of northwest China and southeast Kazakhstan flowing west into Lake Balkhash.
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For the study, ILI was defined as "fever (without a specified temperature cutoff) and sore throat or cough.
In addition to its high social and economic costs, ILI can lead to severe health consequences for individual patients, particularly among at-risk populations including the very young, the elderly, and the immunocompromised.
When designing ILI tools, non-constant internal pipe diameter is often the greatest challenge.
2008) to assess the first year nursing students' information literacy skills prior to and after ILI found that the students' confidence and awareness were positively affected by their increased exposure to information literacy in the nursing context.
Ili crowned his first start by becoming the first Connacht player to score a hat-trick in the Champions Cup for the side.
The 25-year-old Ili has been part of the Auckland Rugby Union set-up since 2012, playing both Sevens and 15-a-side rugby with the provincial side.
Autorice brisanje definiraju kao >>proces u kojem ideologija, pojednostavljujuci polje jezicnih praksi, cini neke osobe ili aktivnosti ili sociolingvisticke pojave nevidljivima<< (ibid.
This has caused pipeline executives to scratch their heads a little because companies are not required to use ILI on pipelines in HCAs.
To an extent, yes, but Google's translator, particularly with voice commands, can be slow and unreliable, and is less powerful when it's not connected to 3G or wi-fi, whereas ili works just as well offline - only its docking station needs to connect to the net in order to get updates and improve the lexicon.
ILI causes a set of common symptoms, such as fever, cough or sore throat.
ILI surveillance data from the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section and CHF mortality data from the Louisiana Vital Records Registry were used in this analysis.
More than 20 rivers cross Kazakhstan's border with China, the largest of which are the Irtysh, Ili, Talas, and Khorgos Rivers.