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a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the ilium; iliac.
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Chris had a condition called ilial atresia which meant that the lower part of his small intestine hadn't developed properly.
Figure-2 a,b: 16y, female, Lt Ilial mass, Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, Hematoxylin and Eosin 100x and 400x.
7); dorso-ventral bilateral bicortical pinning and incorporation into Polymethylmethacrylate mould; modified segmental fixation, trans ilial pinning; modified stapling and tension band wiring; ventral body plating with LCP and ventral stabilization by bicortical pinning and incorporation into Polymethylmethacrylate mould (Fig.
A biomechanical comparison of external skeletal fixation and plating for the stabilization of ilial osteotomies in dogs.
He has been diagnosed with a hairline fracture of his right ilial wing and will need a few weeks to fully recuperate.
Dubai Prince, winner of both his starts in Ireland last year when with Dermot Weld, was as low as 12-1 for the Newmarket Classic on Saturday week until the announcement that he had been diagnosed with a hairline fracture of his right ilial wing (pelvic area) and would be on the easy list for several weeks.
DVT during pregnancy is more likely to occur in ilial veins and to be extensive and cause more sequelae.
Marked surface changes were seen in organisms representing a majority (over 70%) of organisms located closely (within 300 nm) to epithelial cell microvilli in the ilial loops injected live organisms (Fig.
Es la parte mas larga de la cintura pelvica y consta de una cresta ilial en su parte dorsal en donde tiene una protuberancia llamada protuberancia dorsal y una asta ilial ventral a esta.
The Luca Cumani-trained five-year-old, who finished sixth of seven runners behind Oratorio at Sandown, suffered a suspected stress fracture of the ilial bone and underwent an exploratory scan last Friday.