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n.1.(Anat.) The great flexor muscle of the hip joint, divisible into two parts, the iliac and great psoas, - often regarded as distinct muscles.
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It is easy to agree with his multi-functional possibility when one examines the iliopsoas in a prosected specimen.
In terms of the components of an athlete's physical preparation regime, I would certainly recommend use of the gym, and "dry training", for general muscular training consisting of stretching and "soft" training to various intensities for general muscle groups, such as the abdominals, dorsals, iliopsoas, biceps, triceps and so on.
Additionally, pain in the iliopsoas complex can sometimes be referred to the levator sling.
In their 1995 pilot study of 257 college athletes in nine sports, a history of low back pain was significantly associated with iliopsoas inflexibility, leg-length discrepancy and lower-extremity instability or overuse.
Flexion beyond this point engages the iliopsoas or hip flexor muscles.
A total of 42 patients were diagnosed as having musculoskeletal etiologies--usually iliopsoas pain--and 7 others were found to have endometriosis as well as musculoskeletal etiologies.
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He was found to have motor dysfunction of the lower extremities, with manual muscle testing (MMT) below the iliopsoas muscle graded as 0 to 1.
An MRI scan of abdomen is taken which showed chronic collection in right iliac fossa extending to iliopsoas muscle and sub cutaneous plane of right gluteal region.
Here we described the first case of an iliopsoas abscess resulting from a malignant Brenner tumor.
The iliopsoas muscle group is involved in the stabilization of the pelvis, and, when shortened, it may limit the possibilities of holding a neutral pelvic position while either standing or seating.