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I will not meekly sit in my detention cell and allow a vengeful, abusive and ill-minded person to make his brand of violence, brutality and sickness to become the 'new normal' in Philippine society,' she added.
These people are ill-minded and nothing to do with a community like ours.
APHC Chairman, Syed Ali Gilani in a statement issued in Srinagar said that people of Kashmir were facing state-sponsored terrorism and their life and dignity was not safe as they were suffering at the hands of ill-minded and bigoted forces personnel, reported.
According to Arslan, an ill-minded government can use both "reasonable suspicion" and "strong suspicion based on concrete evidence" whenever it desires to take legal action on any critical citizen.
Summary: Gargash described the offences made by the TV channel as an accolade on the UAE chest as it came from an ill-minded media that harbours grudge against the Arabs.
Turkey will boost cooperation with China and will not allow strategic cooperation with China be affected by ill-minded forces," Erdogan said.
Moreover, he said, he had become the target of ill-minded persons as well.
Modest Sheen would probably rather be more associated with one of Burton's "trademark self-deprecating comments: "Actors are poor, abject, disagreeable, preverse, ill-minded, slightly malicious creatures.
We now have to see a bunch of ill-minded people become inspiring leaders capable of changing the course of history with a simple sign.
In my opinion, this way of advertising will give the chance for ill-minded people to think that the fully-veiled ladies are old maids, who are desperate and want to marry by any means," stated Sheikh Abdel-Wahab Saad, from el-Kholafaa el-Rashedin Mosque in the Haram (Pyramids) area of Giza.
All these have long been desired by the Zionists in the region and they hope to attain these goals through this ill-minded scenario.
The Bulgarian Chief Mufti's Office has protested against what they describe as a ill-minded provocation on part of the nationalist party Ataka during Friday's Muslim prayer in downtown Sofia.