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a.1.Bright; clear.
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Anyone who knew her would know she never wore black, she wore illuminous pink and bright oranges, all bright colours and that is what we want for her.
About 20 years ago I began painting huge backdrops for bands and nightclub rave nights, using illuminous paints that glow in the dark under ultra-violet lights.
To celebrate this illuminous night race, the glow-in-the-dark content will be released on Epson and MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS channels over the Singapore GP race weekend (15-17 September 2017).
I have it marked in my diary (highlighted many times in red biro, and in illuminous green to).
Petite Melinda may look as gorgeous as ever at 44 but this illuminous yellow maxi dress and wedges combo she chose for the London premiere of Ant-Man is doing her no favours at all.
On emptying the massive dressing-up basket we found the illuminous yellow plastic trousers our son as a three year old would wear every day, come rain or shine.
However, police confirmed that no strange sightings were reported on Sunday morning after Denise saw the illuminous object over Elizabeth College in St Peter Port.
Abu Dhabi: When people think of juggling, funny hats and big frizzy illuminous hair is usually the first thing that comes to mind and not SEHA - the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company.
HER ice-cream cone hair and illuminous outfits make Katy Perry look like a member of the Von Trapp clan.
However, while boots of many colours have been worn for a few years now, the Euros have seen almost universal wearing of garish and grotesque illuminous boots.
Sasha Baron Cohen wore the terrifying apparel during the French city's film festival as part of his marketing campaign for his Borat film and the illuminous yellow man-thong thing has now become a prerequisite for every selfrespecting stag do.
The orange paintwork was a bit like one of those illuminous bibs people wear when working on the road at night.