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 (ĭ-lîr′ē-ə) also Il·lyr·i·cum (-ĭ-kəm)
An ancient region of the Balkan Peninsula on the Adriatic coast. Occupied in prehistoric times by an Indo-European-speaking people, the area became the Roman province of Illyricum after the final conquest of the Illyrians in 35-33 bc. The name was revived by Napoleon for the provinces of Illyria (1809-1815) and retained for the kingdom of Illyria, a division of Austria from 1816 to 1849.


(Placename) an ancient region of uncertain boundaries on the E shore of the Adriatic Sea, including parts of present-day Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania


(ɪˈlɪər i ə)

an ancient country along the E coast of the Adriatic.
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Noun1.Illyria - an uncertain region on the east shore of the Adriatic where an ancient Indo-European people once lived
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Where is Illyria, and why does Shakspere locate the play there?
So spake the Enemie of Mankind, enclos'd In Serpent, Inmate bad, and toward EVE Address'd his way, not with indented wave, Prone on the ground, as since, but on his reare, Circular base of rising foulds, that tour'd Fould above fould a surging Maze, his Head Crested aloft, and Carbuncle his Eyes; With burnisht Neck of verdant Gold, erect Amidst his circling Spires, that on the grass Floted redundant: pleasing was his shape, And lovely, never since of Serpent kind Lovelier, not those that in ILLYRIA chang'd HERMIONE and CADMUS, or the God In EPIDAURUS; nor to which transformd AMMONIAN JOVE, or CAPITOLINE was seen, Hee with OLYMPIAS, this with her who bore SCIPIO the highth of ROME.
Pride and Prejudice has been adapted for the open air stage by theatre company Illyria.
The Illyria theatre group is renowned for innovation in the open-air touring theatre sector.
com ILLYRIA The company, which is based in Cornwall, was set up in 1991 to "create a varied programme of outstandingly enjoyable theatre and to make it available for everyone to see".
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For instance, Twelfth Night had a new twist: instead of sixteenth-century Illyria, the sets and costumes were reimagined in a fantastical steampunk style, adding to the light and comedic sense of the play.
Oliver Dimsdale, artistic director of Filter Theatre, UK, which is on its maiden Indian tour with its production of Twelfth Night , says, " Viola is shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria and she comes ashore a strange land, where she is forced to disguise herself as a man.
As a historian I don't recall any Albanian element in this symbol or the lion itself even if the Illyria tribes had used it but nowadays we have nothing in common with it especially after the wars of Skenderbeg.
Since then, he has focused on interests in Australia through his private investment company Illyria Pty Ltd, which owns various media assets.
The story follows the antics of Viola Hastings (Amanda Bynes) when she arrives at Illyria Prep School.