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n., pl. -nons (esp. collectively) -non
1. a member of a people of the central Philippines, living mainly on Panay and W Negros.
2. the Austronesian language of the Hiligaynons.
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Walang Ilokano, walang Tagalog, walang Davawenyo, Cebuano, o Ilongo.
Justice Weldon Korir ordered the former Labour Cabinet Secretary ticket to pay IEBC, and returning officer Nelly Ilongo Sh2.
Methimbo lyoominute dhopetameko ntano sigo omulongo otwa li twa nyanyukwa nokutopolelathana shoka twi ilongo mo: "ondi uvite nda fa tandi popi muule", omeho gandje itaga lunduluka ga faathanithe onkalo", Ondi uvite ndi wete omililo tadhi shela nomalwaala nomeho gandje gokomwenyo.
Mejica was also the co-translator of Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo and Mi Ultimo Adios in Ilongo, extant copies published by Makinaugalingon Press nestled in a glass cabinet, with copyright certificates attesting to their origin.
Diamond said that the reason why he was tolerated at home because his father was Ilongo, (from the Western Visayas) who he claimed always accepted gays,
La note aurait pu etre plus salee pour le champion d'Algerie en titre si Ilongo n'avait pas rate un penalty (90'+2).
Le tanzanien du TP Mazembe a repris un ballon lache par le portier setifiens apres un coup franc bien shoote par son coequipiers Ilongo Ilifo a 25 metres de la cage.
Dr Beatrice Ilongo Ekanjume is a holder of a PhD in African Languages and Linguistics from the University of Yaunde, Cameroon and has been a university lecturer for the past fourteen years.
He in fact fathers a boy, simply called Ilongo, to a woman taken from India to Malaya.
The open category is made up of teams called; Kacho, Trojan, Al Hoor Abu Dhabi, RAK Selection, BPB, Skyscaper Dubai, United International Group and Ilongo.
Trabajando con el, aprendio dialectos exoticos y a sus amos maduros Ilego a traducir la Biblia a diez idiomas asiaticos, africanos y europeos; entre ellos, tagalo, cebuano, chabacano, ilongo, indonesio y chino.
Division Two: Triskelion/Tau Gamma Phi, Mariana Aquarium Dabarkadz, NAFEX 'B', AISCO Friends, Kenda Tyres, Gulf Shades, Alkhomed/BMI, Powerhorse Bisdak, KIB Ilongo, Dabarkad's Longlive Restaurant.