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a.1.That may be imaged.
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He will at least save himself from the delusive notion, that what is not imageable is likewise not conceivable.
Insist that proposed shifts be couched so as to be imageable, as in, 'This is the kind of thing we will get.
Tenders are invited for Hid duoprox ii card imageable with magnetic stripe, 125 khz radio frequency(rf)progammable card, compatible with all hid proximity readers,meet iso standards for thickness,constructed with a printable pvc surface capable of printing directly to the card with direct image or thermal transfer printers, accept either horizontal or vertical slot punch, provide external number for identification and control, support formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion unique codes, dimensions 2.
Duke's flight, that is, takes him through spaces that are both hyper-visible and easily navigable because they epitomize the makeup of a highly imageable space.
April 24, 2015--Investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have developed an imageable mouse model of brainmetastatic breast cancer and shown the potential of a stem-cell-based therapy to eliminate metastatic cells from the brain and prolong survival.
The scores for nouns were better than those for verbs, and highly imageable word pairs better than low imageable ones.
Authors tend to focus on highly specific questions such as those concerning the art of composing imageable face or flower descriptions, respectively (Jajdelska et al.
They showed that more than half the words on their list were rated as more imageable by individuals with profound visual impairment from infancy than they were by those who were sighted, in a range of sense modalities.
In this study, a photolithography approach was adopted to fabricate waveguides on PCBs, using photo imageable polysiloxane as a wave-guide material.
The target-distracter nouns were all highly imageable (Bird, Franklin, & Howard, 2001; Cortese & Fugett, 2004).
The word desk is highly imageable, but the word liberty does not refer to an object and may not bring about a mental image as easily.
One criterion that makes the SCUP excellence award program different from other programs is the emphasis on the importance of the contribution that individual buildings make in relation to other buildings to form an imageable campus.