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(ɪˈmænjʊəl) or


(Bible) Bible the child whose birth was foretold by Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14) and who in Christian tradition is identified with Jesus
[from Hebrew `immānū'el, literally: God with us]


(ɪˈmæn yu əl)

the name of the Messiah as prophesied by Isaiah, often represented in Christian exegesis as being Jesus Christ. Isa. 7:14.
[< Hebrew immānū'ēl literally, God is with us]


[ɪˈmænjʊəl] NEmanuel
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The proof of this, is the letter of instructions sent ot Immanuel Hildesheim to clear and take away the box before sunrise.
by Aldus Manutius, Venice, 1495-8; re-impression supervised by Erasmus and with certain corrections by Grynaeus (including Rhetorica and Poetica), 1531, 1539, revised 1550; later editions were followed by that of Immanuel Bekker and Brandis
You're a bold man to say that of anything stated by Immanuel Kant," retorted Macalister.
com)-- Immanuel Pathways has chosen CareKinesis to provide medication management services to participants enrolled in its PACE Nebraska and PACE Iowa programs.
Wood products from Metsa Wood were used to build the Immanuel Church in Cologne - a building that proves how innovative, sustainable and efficient wood-based buildings can be.
Charles Boswell of Immanuel Baptist Church in Wichita upset the plans that were made to honor Ken's memory.
Barbara was active with the church family at Zion Lutheran Church in Worcester, and later at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Holden.
Israeli settlers, probabled to have entered Salfit from Immanuel settlement annexing Deir Istiya village, Tuesday morning have uprooted 450 olive trees planted by Palestinian farmers.
Addressing the rally christain community leader Father Immanuel Sharif said that christians are peaceful citizens of Pakistan and have played role in the national development process.
At its meeting today, the Supervisory Board of Bertelsmann appointed Corporate HR Director Immanuel Hermreck (45) as a member of the Executive Board with effect from 1 January 2015.
The MTC Nestor Sunshine Academy and the Warriors Promotion earlier this week pencilled down the agreement which will see hard hitting bantam weight pugilist Immanuel Prince Naindjala slot it out with another remarkable bantamweight fighter in the format of Joseph Smokey Joe Hilongwa.
Making up the team was Year 5's Ciaran Smith in 19th, Sebastian Dibb in 35th, Immanuel Kirya in 41st and Freddie Marsh in 42nd place.