Immersion lens

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a microscopic objective of short focal distance designed to work with a drop of liquid, as oil, between the front lens and the slide, so that this lens is practically immersed.

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Checkpoint's newly designed MCT camera and optical system offers proprietary improvements for use with its solid immersion lens objective.
The morphometric and the specific characteristics of unsporulated and sporulated oocysts were studied by Olympus microscope using the oil immersion lens.
The recipient of the best paper award isolates a temperature-sensitive failure in mixed-signal circuitry by combining high-resolution pulsed TIVA with a solid immersion lens.
Regarding Item 11, I award zero points if the scanning, 10X, or oil immersion lens is used to view the slide.
0 Numerical Aperture (NA) Solid Immersion Lens Objective (SIL) designed to meet failure analysis industry customers needs for optically debugging integrated circuits at 22nm and below.
5 mm 20x immersion lens, apochromatically corrected VIS - IR, NA = 1.