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n.1.One who holds the doctrine of the immortality of the soul.
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Among specific topics are bringing the arts and design into the discussion of transhumanism, intelligent information filters and enhanced reality, immortalist fictions and strategies, the open society and its media, and progress and relinquishment.
Ben Best has been a pharmacist, computer programmer, university instructor, company president, and most importantly an immortalist who has dedicated his life to identifying proven methods to extend the healthy human life span.
Kurzweil's vision, he writes, "is the occultist worldview of Myers and Lunacharsky"--two of the drivers behind the British and Soviet immortalist projects--"derived from Theosophy and ultimately from ancient Gnosticism, restated in the materialist terms of twenty-first century computer theory.
Ettinger also established the Immortalist Society, a research and education group devoted to cryonics and extending the human life span.