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A drug, C29H33ClN2O2, that inhibits intestinal motility and is used in the form of its hydrochloride to treat diarrhea.

[(ch)lo(ro)- + (pi)per(idine) + amide.]


n loperamida
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However, parents may not be aware that loperamide HCl, the active ingredient in Imodium A-D for children, is the only FDA-approved ingredient indicated for relief of diarrhea in children.
While the FDA's ruling led to several label changes among OTC anti-diarrheal medications, Imodium A-D for children was not affected because it does not contain bismuth subsalicylate.
choice of either relief with original Imodium A-D, the over-the-counter
The well-stocked travel health kit includes an anti-diarrheal, such as IMODIUM A-D, a sunscreen with an SPF that matches their propensity for burning, PEPCID AC(R) Acid Controller(TM) (heartburn preventative), TYLENOL(R) (aspirin-free pain reliever) and BAND-AIDS(R) (adhesive bandages).
As a value-added service to pass along to their clients, we provided each agent with wallet-sized travel health information cards and samples of IMODIUM A-D, which contains the most effective antidiarrheal medicine clinically proven to relieve diarrhea often with just one dose.
Now, travelers and travel agents can turn these travel tips into fabulous trips by entering "ASTA's Top 10 Contest From IMODIUM(R) A-D(SM)," which is being sponsored by McNeil Consumer Products Company, makers of IMODIUM A-D, and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).
Loperamide Caplets, an anti-diarrheal, will be competitive with the branded, over-the-counter product, Imodium A-D.
Some 11,000 samples of the antidiarrheal have been made available to Polk County pharmacies through the support of McNeil Consumer Products Company, maker of IMODIUM A-D.
Imodium A-D caplets are not only effective, they're convenient, fast-acting, and for many sufferers, offer just one dose relief.