n.1.One who is impartial.
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Markovits uses Jim's story not simply to resist utilitarianism, but to resist impartialist moral theories generally.
And there are further considerations that could be thrown on the scales of the impartialist side.
By contrast, Peter Singer's recent work, One World, advances an impartialist view of morality, which demands that we dispassionately dispense aid to the most needy (2002, p.
s impartialist ethic (developed thoroughly in other essays) dictates that we must give equal moral consideration to all beings with a capacity for suffering: To do otherwise is morally akin to racism.
In section 1, the author describes the problem of distance and some impartialist and partialist responses to it.
Somehow it does not easily mesh with the dominantly individualistic and impartialist tradition of moral theory.
This subordination of nationalist aims to universal cosmopolitan obligations is required, Tan argues, by an impartialist account of justice.
Here again, Griswold has occasion for reflection on diverse topics, such as the extent to which Stoicism is too impartialist for Smith, too indifferent to the normal self-regarding concerns of moral agents.
The relation between reflective spirituality and ethics is more promising, since the former can expand the scope of ethics beyond a strictly formal or impartialist account, while ethics can encourage the study of spirituality to move beyond historical, psychological, and sociological description to normative reflection.
Nonetheless, it is not obvious that this extreme impartialist perspective is required by moral universalism.
Another strand, emerging out of moral psychology, feminism, and communitarianism, develops the notion of particularity, thus challenging the impartialist moral theories.
s devoted defense of discourse ethics is a liberal rejoinder to the communitarian critique of autonomy, and to the doubts raised by the ethics of care when practical argumentation is reduced to impartialist or neutrality-securing principles.