v. t.1.To shut up or inclose, as in a pen.
[imp. & p. p. Impenned and Impent ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Impenning.]
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As agriculturalists and pastoralists, the forested landscape was unsuited to their land-use practices; it was an impen etrable fortress harboring fearsome beasts--not a place for cows and sheep and fields of barley.
This isn't ab Hollywood folklore impen Da measure of the aided corruption, Day-Lewis may well win his third Oscar, but this is solemn, selfimportant and probably revisionist - history reduced to cornball.
slashi floggi player the bu af a loa th th t in i k ha ha h pp He s Miller wi with thd le leaves admin with a impen "Co to to t be 'Come 1, they going losing a NEIL Accountant Ernst & He said: "Bill Miller's withdrawal leaves the administrators with very severe impending financial situation.
Donald Brunner (ThyssenKrupp Waupaca): David Impens.
They, like Valencia resident Cynthia Impens, suffered serious heart attacks within hours of their initial hints something was wrong.
For Impens, then 43, the first inkling was even less obvious.
Moline, Vardanian and Impens were all in their 40s when their heart attacks hit.
And Impens is taking a beta-blocker and aspirin every day, in addition to hitting the gym.
40) De Wasch K, Le Bizec B, De Brabander H, Andre F, Impens S.
Impens, (252) the private detectives working at the Grand Rapids Meijer store observed Frederick Impens and two other men stealing audio tapes.
254) Other courts have agreed with the general conclusion arrived at by the Impens court.
Van Bruwaene R, Kirchmann R, Impens R (1986) Cd contamination in agricultural and zootechnology.