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n.1.Lack of perception.
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In sections on the historical Peter, the New Testament, and later Christian traditions, they consider such topics as whether Peter was behind Mark's Gospel, reassessing Peter's imperception in the synoptic tradition, Peter moving the people to repentance in Luke-Acts, the early reception of Peter in 1 Clement and Polycarp's Philippians, and traces of Peter veneration in Roman archaeology.
Some wretched "white British Shakespearean scholar" scourged in half a paragraph [in Gary Taylor's Re-inventing Shakespeare] for a lifetime's imperception .
Drawing on Giovanni Battista Vico's principle of the sensory and perceptual change resulting from technical innovation throughout a culture's history, McLuhan (1999) suggests that every new technology alters the human sensory bias by creating new areas of perception (figure) and new areas of imperception (ground), and this he says is as true of clothing as of the alphabet or radio.