Imperial chamber

the, the sovereign court of the old German empire.

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Its powers are vested in a diet representing the component members of the confederacy; in the emperor, who is the executive magistrate, with a negative on the decrees of the diet; and in the imperial chamber and the aulic council, two judiciary tribunals having supreme jurisdiction in controversies which concern the empire, or which happen among its members.
The members of the diet, as such, are subject in all cases to be judged by the emperor and diet, and in their private capacities by the aulic council and imperial chamber.
The absorption of the Werkbund into the National Socialist Reichskammer der Bildenden Kunste (RDBK)--the Imperial Chamber of Fine Arts--signalled above all the end of support for the kind of architecture it had promoted.
He traces the influence of the League of Schmalkaden and the Imperial Chamber Court and the defense of confiscation on both financial and spiritual grounds, the move toward codification of confiscation, and the efforts made to resolve the issue after the Schmalkaden Recommendation of 1540.
Tenders are invited for Sweeping And Cleaning Of Roads Other Buildings Washing Of Sheds And Cleaning Of Water Gullies Etc In Sassoon Dock Section And Passages Offices Of Various Depts Along With Cleaning Of The Toilet Blocks In Port Bhavan Vijay Deep Imperial Chambers Part
The staff work for the Tax Credits department of HM Customs at Imperial Chambers on Exchange Street East.
It was in the early hours of June 6 when Fell went with Green to the victim's flat in the exclusive Imperial Chambers complex.
The centre can be found at Imperial Chambers, Longsmith Street.
His apartment had been raided by Fell and Green, who had both admitted breaking into the flat in Imperial Chambers in order to get money to buy crack and heroin.
His apartment in Imperial Chambers was found ransacked and his body was in the bathroom.
Fell, 31, of Sunnyside, Toxteth, and Green, 30, of no fixed address, both admit kicking Mr Stretch's door down in the early hours of June 6 and burgling his flat in Imperial Chambers.
Both Fell and Paul Green, 30, deny the killing, but they have admitted to carrying out a burglary at Mr Stretch's apartment in Imperial Chambers.
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