Imperial guard

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the royal guard instituted by Napoleon I.

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References in classic literature ?
He was a major in the Imperial guard and was at Waterloo.
A singer with a thundering voice -- a man certainly picked out from all the voices of France, as was the drum-major of the imperial guard from all the giants of the empire -- escorted by four other chanters, who appeared to be there only to serve him as an accompaniment, made the air resound, and the windows of the houses vibrate.
I have been wherever Napoleon led us, and have borne a part in every battle in which the Imperial Guard has struck a blow; but everybody knows all about these events.
Their fine white ruffs; their petticoats of linsey- woolsey, striped red and blue; their white knitted stockings, with clocks embroidered in colors, well drawn upon their legs; the square-toed shoes of tawny leather with black soles, and, above all, their headgear, that sort of tinsel horn, loaded down with ribbons and laces, which the women of Champagne still wear, in company with the grenadiers of the imperial guard of Russia, announced that they belonged to that class wives which holds the middle ground between what the lackeys call a woman and what they term a lady.
Looking at the potential design, it is speculated "the Imperial Guards at attention in front of the ship travel inside along with its pilot.
If you favour the Dark Side then get your hands on Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Jabba The Hutt and Imperial Guards.
With costumes such as Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Imperial Guards and TIE Fighter Pilots, the fundraisers - men and women of all ages whose ranks include binmen, bakers and cops - admit to being the most committed geeks in Scotland.
If you favour the Dark Side then get your hands on Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Jabba The Hutt, Jango Fett and Imperial Guards to name just a few.
There are luxury cars, imperial guards and flags of the countries concerned.
Invading troops flee and when Napoleon learns of the humiliation, he orders the head of his imperial guards, Maraval (Vincent Perez), to hunt down Bruc and
September 4 1916 Hear of success of 20th Division attack on Guillemont against Imperial Guards.
Takeshi Mori, commander of the First Imperial Guards Division, and Gen.