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adv.1.By implication or inference.
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Therefore, actual results could differ materially from our expectations as of today and any future results, performance, or achievements expressed directly or impliedly by the forward-looking statements.
Amante said when the Local Government Code of 1991 was enacted, it created confusion whether the provision of LGC particularly authorizing the LGUs, subject to the condition that if their local finances allow, automatically and impliedly repeal the provision of RA 6758 on the prohibition on the COA officials and personnel to receive additional compensation from the LGUs.
traditional state tort law claims are impliedly preempted by Buckman Co.
Further it is likely that the lady delivering the leaflets will be deemed a "trespasser" and will not be owed the same duty of care as someone lawfully or impliedly invited (ie the postman).
Meanwhile, Cuadrado, who also made a mark in Brazil, helping Colombia reach the quarter-finals, expressed contentment with La Viola in spite impliedly admitting that there were offers during the recent transfer window.
2008), a generalized "good faith" defense, which does not specifically rely on the advice of counsel, is not a waiver of the attorney-client privilege, and that to impliedly waive the attorney-client privilege, a party must rely on privileged advice from counsel to make the claim or defense.
Kashmiri students, studying in India, to endorse impliedly the unwarranted and unjustified Indian position on Kashmir.
Platform speakers, including UAE central bank governor Al Suwaidi, frankly disclosed their preoccupation mainly with the efforts of their own respective countries to achieve harmony in their home jurisdictions, while leaving the issue of cross-border collaboration to other, impliedly later mechanisms, or with international regulators, namely OFI and IFSB.
Mainly based on provocative theme, the movies intend to impliedly allege Pakistan of offering her land to non-state actors hostile to India from where they can lunch their missions deep into India without any let or hindrance.
Unless a statute expressly or impliedly excludes a duty of consultation, .
District Judge Richard Stearns held that government officials went astray "insofar as they delegated authority to a religious organization to impose religiously based restrictions on the expenditure of taxpayer funds, and there impliedly endorsed the religious beliefs of the [bishops' conference] and the Catholic Church.
Arguments can occur as to what was expressly or impliedly intended between the parties.