Imprison ment

Im`pris´on ment

n.1.The act of imprisoning, or the state of being imprisoned; confinement; restraint.
His sinews waxen weak and raw
Through long imprisonment and hard constraint.
- Spenser.
Every confinement of the person is an imprisonment, whether it be in a common prison, or in a private house, or even by foreibly detaining one in the public streets.
- Blackstone.
False imprisonment
(Law) See under False.
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The suit alleges excessive use of force, false arrest, false imprison ment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, refusal of medical treatment and constitutional rights violations.
Peter Stuart Willden, aged 27, of Stoke Lodge, Stoke Green, Coventry, three charges of failing to comply with the requirements of a community punishment order, 12 weeks' imprison ment.
Conor's background and passion for flying give him hope to survive his brutal imprison ment.