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n.1.The state or quality of being improvable; improvableness.
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For Glover, Beautiful Losers is a postmodern "anti-novel" that "dramatiz[es] the failure of the modern project, the faith or trust in progress, in the improvability of mankind by rational means" (131).
It is individualist, in that it asserts the moral primacy of the person against the claims of any social collectivity: egalitarian, inasmuch as it confers on all men the same moral status and denies the relevance to legal or political order of differences in moral worth among human beings; universalist, affirming the moral unity of the human species and according a secondary importance to specific historic associations and cultural forms; and meliorist in its affirmation of the corrigibility and improvability of all social institutions and political arrangements.
He also revealed, if only indirectly, that happiness was virtually impossible for a man whose life was animated by dreams of "the indefinite improvability of human affairs .
Irving Fisher's 'faith in the improvability of man and the limitless possibilities of science and free enterprise' (p.
THE IMPROVABILITY THESIS and The Issue Of "Natural Evil.
On the basis of these similarities, I argue that the inclusion of Phano underpins Apollodorus' rhetoric in ways that stretch well beyond his realistic calculations concerning the improvability of her status on account of her gender.
In terms of energy, the AHS hydraulic drive concept with secondary control in a constant pressure circuit, ensures substantial efficiency improvability, a fact which places the solution in front of other similar types.
To assert the improvability of ordinary women without relying on demonstrations of women's parity with men, historical exemplars, or richly textured positive portrayals, Wollstonecraft must root her claims about women in general principles about human nature, principles familiar to readers of her Vindication of the Rights of Men and of the debates swirling around the French Revolution.