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n.1.The act of impugning, or the state of being impugned.
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Both examples have one component in common--an impugnment of legitimacy of the enemy by hybrid operations (or its IOps component) in the minds of inhabitants of the targeted territory before a conventional attack; hence it is noticeably the act of aggression or at least it precedes the act of aggression.
Thus, it is admitted the termination by Rescission Action or, after the deadline of two years, through the implementation of embargoes against Treasury or the impugnment to comply with sentence.
One is from Walter Mignolo, who, after presenting a paper about my work on literary theory and my having been the target of an impugnment, commented: "It seems fair that we take Fernandez Retamar as a point of reference for the discussion of problems that, several years later, were to be taken up by Said and Jameson.