In commendam

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In com`men´dam

1.(Law) See Commendam, and Partnership in Commendam, under Partnership.
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In the instances of his responsibilities held in commendam, such as the Norman abbeys of Montebourg in the archdiocese of Coutances, Sr-Ouen in Rouen, or Mont-St-Michel on the coast, there is little or no evidence of his presence, but rather of actions in his name carried out by vicars general and suffragans.
He received the Benedictine abbey at Montebourg in commendam from Louis XI in 1472, and he was prior in commendam of Saint Martin-des-Champs in Paris from 1457, sending there precious vestments; see Morandiere, 468 and 485.
It was this which explained his translation from St Davids to Rochester (held in commendam with the deanery of Westminster) and from Rochester to St Asaph, where he was less able to indulge his taste for good living.