In grain

of a fast color; deeply seated; fixed; innate; genuine.

See also: Grain

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We needed someone who has the expertise as a designer but also had the technical expertise in grain texturing," Hackstedde said, admitting this is the first time Chrysler's interior craftsmanship studio has hired a consultant in its nine-year existence.
The advent of Titus could make it possible to apply geometric grains directly onto steering wheels, shifter knobs and other 3D interior trim pieces that might have previously resulted in grain distortions.
Sadayappan, CANMET, spoke on "Hard Spot Formation in Grain Refined Yellow Brass and EnviroBrass III" (03052).
The absence of their marine assets will not affect their other operations in grain handling, marketing, agricultural-chemical sales, and feed-grain manufacturing, he says.
It's also available in grain weights of 75, 85, 90 and 100.
In addition to encouraging farmers to put beneficial insects in grain bins, researchers want to convince grocers and others with a pest problem to employ these good bugs.
children eat school meals, using white whole-wheat flour in grain food products served from school menus could make a significant contribution to increasing the overall whole-grain intake by children," Len Marquart, principal investigator of the study(v) at the University of Minnesota.
The objective of this research was to better understand the grain refinement mechanism and to assess the differences in grain refining between ingot and casting production.
Kroeger also recommends only a partial -- and prolonged -- reform of the Canadian Wheat Board's role in grain transportation over three years.
The conclusion was that the fade in grain size was accompanied by a corresponding decrease in Ti and B content.
Phil Williams, Canadian Grain Commission, is a leading researcher in the use of NIR technology in grain quality testing.
The addition of these new, high-capacity cars -- each capable of carrying 11 tons more than standard grain cars -- has led to a dramatic increase in grain car availability.