In the afternoon

In the afternoon   
References in classic literature ?
I must stand a minute or two here on the bridge and look at it, though the clouds are threatening, and it is far on in the afternoon.
It had been cold and rainy in the morning but in the afternoon the sun came out.
An up-hill and down-hill ride of twenty-odd miles through a garish mid-day atmosphere brought him in the afternoon to a detached knoll a mile or two west of Talbothays, whence he again looked into that green trough of sappiness and humidity, the valley of the Var or Froom.
They were having a tennis party at the vicarage in the afternoon and Miss Wilkinson put on her best dress.
At college he was notorious for his sleepiness and stupidity during the morning lectures and for his brilliance in the afternoon.
Had he ventured love-making in the afternoon, all would have been well, for it would have been as the quiet gentleman that he would have made love--but at night it was the uncouth, wife-stealing savage of the dark German forests.
She kept it without hypocrisy in the morning, and broke it without reluctance in the afternoon.
On the 20th of July, early in the afternoon, a squadron of canoes crossed over from the village of the Chinooks, bearing the royal family of Comcomly, and all his court.
M'Dougal went on board, and was seen returning late in the afternoon.
That would often be ten or eleven o'clock, which was bad enough, in all conscience; but now, in the slack season, they would perhaps not have a thing for their men to do till late in the afternoon.
George and I - I don't know what had become of Harris; he had gone out and had a shave, early in the afternoon, and had then come back and spent full forty minutes in pipeclaying his shoes, we had not seen him since - George and I, therefore, and the dog, left to ourselves, went for a walk to Wallingford on the second evening, and, coming home, we called in at a little river-side inn, for a rest, and other things.
Pontellier, and often she took her sewing and went over to sit with her in the afternoons.