In the morning

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In the morning   
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Don't you find it colder than it was in the morning, Elinor?
We are all--that is, those of us who sleep well--optimists in the morning.
I met my mates in the morning (and, oh, but I am old
He came downstairs and opened the inner door leading from the kitchen into the workshop, intending to let out Gyp; but he stood still in the doorway, smitten with a sudden shock at the sight of Adam seated listlessly on the bench, pale, unwashed, with sunken blank eyes, almost like a drunkard in the morning.
THE hands on the hall-clock pointed to half-past six in the morning.
Kimballton was nearly sixty miles distant in a straight line; the murder had been perpetrated only at eight o'clock the preceding night; yet Dominicus had heard of it at seven in the morning, when, in all probability, poor Mr.
Since three hours were consumed by making camp at night and cooking beans, by getting breakfast in the morning and breaking camp, and by thawing beans at the midday halt, nine hours were left for sleep and recuperation, and neither men nor dogs wasted many minutes of those nine hours.
The nurse admits that she was asleep from past two in the morning to six.
Sir Percival and the Count came in the morning to make their inquiries.
Sara Ray had vowed tearfully the night before that she would be up in the morning to say farewell.
The gardener set his eldest son to watch; but about twelve o'clock he fell asleep, and in the morning another of the apples was missing.