In twain

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At all events, the veil of self-consciousness was rent in twain at that remark, and our spirits rushed together at this touch of London nature thus unexpectedly revealed.
It was well he made him hear his voice, or Hugh, with his uplifted axe, would have cleft his skull in twain.
So say I," returned Sancho; "his heart rend in twain, I trow, who saw her once, to see her now.
England is torn in twain by a spirit of disturbance which, I greatly fear, blood alone can exorcise.
The branches on which I was suspended over the yawning chasm swang to and fro in the air, and I expected them every moment to snap in twain.
But, last in the procession, came Matthew Maule, gnashing his teeth, as if he would have bitten his own heart in twain,--the darkest and wofullest man that ever walked behind a corpse
My heart is sore," he said at last; "your words split my heart in twain.
I make my vow, my ribs feel as though every one of them were broken in twain.
The fellow was charging with couched spear, but Carthoris leaped to one side, and as the great thoat and its rider hurtled harmlessly past him he swung his long-sword in a mighty cut that clove the green carcass in twain.
He fought now like a human flail, and every sweep of that terrible sword would have severed in twain any man or boy who obstructed it; but Peter fluttered round him as if the very wind it made blew him out of the danger zone.
He swerved aside to avoid the horse, at the same time swinging his cane-knife in a slicing blow that would have cut her in twain.
For all their differences, however, these three critical studies together point to a new direction in Twain scholarship.