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An inert substance used as a diluent or vehicle for a drug.

[Latin excipiēns, excipient-, present participle of excipere, to take out, exclude; see except.]


(Pharmacology) a substance, such as sugar or gum, used to prepare a drug or drugs in a form suitable for administration
[C18: from Latin excipiēns excepting, from excipere to except]


(ɪkˈsɪp i ənt)

any pharmacologically inert substance used for combining with a drug for the desired bulk, consistency, etc.
[1745–55; < Latin excipient-, s. of excipiēns, present participle of excipere to receive, absorb, literally, to take out; see except1]


- An inactive substance that serves as the vehicle or medium for a drug; it is also the material or surface that receives the pigments in painting.
See also related terms for pigments.


n excipiente m
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The selection of the appropriate inactive ingredients and quantities to conform to the requirements for Qualitative and Quantitative (Q1/Q2) sameness and Inactive Ingredient database (IIG) limits is a critical consideration in development of an ANDA formulation.
Through its novel, patent protected formulation, Oxaydo contains an inactive ingredient that may cause nasal burning if Oxaydo is manipulated and snorted.
Enhancements to the Inactive Ingredient Database (HD).
Zohydro ER with BeadTek is an opioid agonist, extended-release, oral formulation of hydrocodone bitartrate containing technology that contains an inactive ingredient that immediately forms a viscous gel when crushed and dissolved in liquids or solvents.
Many medications contain at least one inactive ingredient, the consumption of which may be prohibited by certain religions or personal beliefs.
Free of preservatives, alcohol, flavors, dyes, sugar or artificial sweeteners, the only inactive ingredient in Camilia is purified water.
The guidance recommends using PCIDs listed in the FDA's Inactive Ingredient Guide, adding the smallest amount possible and placing then on SODFs so that they do not interact with the API or interfere with the drug release.
galenIQ is listed in the US Food and Drug Administration's inactive ingredient database under its generic name, isomalt.
Before that, in September 2009, McNeil recalled 21 Tylenol products because of possible bacterial contamination of an inactive ingredient.
If a patient can't tolerate an inactive ingredient in a drug, such as gluten or sugar, a compound pharmacy can mix up a prescription without the offending ingredient.
By combining an inactive ingredient of a local anaesthetic with achemical taken from chilli peppers called Capsaicin, researchers have created an analgesic which blocks pain neurons without causing numbness or paralysis.

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