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n.1.Lack of animation; lifeless; dullness.
1.Infusion of life or vigor; animation; inspiration.
The inanimation of Christ living and breathing within us.
- Bp. Hall.
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If the exercises for three months do not give a new impulse to the springs of human life and restore their wonted vivacity, such persons are in a hopeless state of collapse from absolute inanimation.
now that God hath put us into a straight and crooked Limbeck, passed us through narrow and difficult trials, and set us upon a hot fire, and drawn us to a more precious substance and nature then before; now that God hath given our Zeal a new concoction, a new refining, a new inanimation by this fire of tribulation, let us embrace and nurse up this new resurrection of this Zeal, which his own Spirit hath begot and produced in us.