a.1.Doubtful; not of definite form.
Opus incertum
(Anc. Arch.) a kind of masonry employed in building walls, in which the stones were not squared nor laid in courses; rubblework.
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The most recent study of Sarno framework houses (Peterse 1993) offers a typology with three phases, marked on the one hand by progressive irregularity of the rubble infill, and the other by progressive strengthening of the mortar from a friable loam to the hard cement on which opus incertum rubblework depends.
incertum, but they differ by the nodose, short-creeping rhizome, and the septate hairs on the abaxial lamina surface.
Any doubt was removed when Justice Cartwright reaffirmed "the ancient warning" ubi jus est aut incertum, ibi maxima servitus prevalebit (where the law is either vague or uncertain, there the greatest slavery will prevail) as one that should not be forgotten.
1) The consequence of their illegal usurpations was a prolonged period of insecurity for the empire, incertum diu et quasi vagum imperium, a powerful expression for the eighteen months between the death of Nero and the accession of Vespasian.
Talis," inquiens, "mihi videtur, rex, vita hominum praesens in terris, ad comparationem eius quod nobis incertum est temporis, quale cum te residente ad coenam cum ducibus ac ministris tuis tempore brumali, accenso quidem foco in medio et calido effecto coenaculo, furentibus autem foris per omnia turbinibus hiemalium pluviarum vel nivium, adveniensque unus passerum domum citissime pervolaverit qui cum per unum ostium ingrediens, mox per aliud exierit.
Mercator had produced a map of the world in 1538 which, though modelled on that of Fine of 1531, departed from it by showing Fine's southern continent much smaller, unnamed and bearing the inscription, Terra hic esse certum est sed quatus quibusque limitibus finitas incertum ("It is certain that there is a land here, but its size and the limits of its boundaries are uncertain").