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also In·chon  (ĭn′chŏn′, -chŭn′)
A city of northwest South Korea on an inlet of the Yellow Sea southwest of Seoul. It was opened to foreign trade in 1883.
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Noun1.Incheon - a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow SeaIncheon - a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow Sea
Republic of Korea, South Korea - a republic in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948
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According to this, the amount of the container throughput at Incheon Port during this year is assumed to be at maximum 2000000.
Contract awarded for 2017 year peloton Incheon Middle School Uniform (winter clothing, life Havok) Purchase Phase 2 bidding (tender specifications, price simultaneous separation)
INCHEON, South Korea -- Romantic scenes such as people enjoying dinner dressed in evening dress and tuxedo, people drinking wine with the enchanting sunset in the background, suntanning while looking out at indigo blue and white sand, watching nice and fantastic performances every night, experiencing the unique exotic cultures, and being able to savor the excellent leisure service and the scent of the coffee are the various scenes that come across our minds when we think of a cruise.
Contract awarded for Incheon, Cheong early 2016 school year, sixth grade math rented charter bus travel guide private contract notice (urgent)
They are taking a long-term training course for about 6 months in Incheon.
10 Incheon Port Authority (IPA) in an evaluation that focused on companies with significant environmental commitment.
Contract awarded for Announcement of 2018 school year after-school company in jinsu elementary school in incheon
Flights at South Korea's biggest airport- Incheon International Airport have been delayed due to foggy conditions.
NASDAQ:ATSG) has announced the signing of a new lease agreement with Air Incheon for one Boeing 767-300 converted freighter and an option for a second, both for 2018 delivery, along with the expansion of its dry-leased 767-300 freighter fleet with three deliveries in November, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 30, 2017-ATSG signs Boeing 767 Freighter lease agreement with Air Incheon
Effective June this year, Philippine Airlines will mount direct flights from Tagbilaran to Incheon and Clark, as part of the flag carrier's continuing route expansion.
SEOUL, March 16 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's visiting Minister of State for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul discussed Wednesday with South Korea's Incheon Free Economic Zone Commissioner Lee Young Geun ways of bolstering joint cooperation, particularly issues related to housing.