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also In·chon  (ĭn′chŏn′, -chŭn′)
A city of northwest South Korea on an inlet of the Yellow Sea southwest of Seoul. It was opened to foreign trade in 1883.
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Noun1.Incheon - a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow SeaIncheon - a port city in western South Korea on the Yellow Sea
Republic of Korea, South Korea - a republic in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula; established in 1948
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The Very Large Gas Carrier Pacific Binzhou began moving toward Inchon, South Korea on August 18, ship data on Thomson Eikon showed, after prices flipped into backwardation around early last week from a contango structure.
the Asia Centre of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), the UN Office of Sustainable Development (UNOSD) in Inchon, South Korea, the Ring Alliance, the Sustainable Mekong Research Network, the Human Development Foundation of North America, and the Great Transition Initiative.
The CAA said, the amended agreement utilizes a different calculation way to set the travel limit on the present route between Taoyuan and Inchon, South Korea.
Lee had already been named as Alapag's replacement when the Filipinos shoot for the gold medal in the Asian Games scheduled in Inchon, South Korea in late September.
The Nationals are currently competing in the FIBA Asia Cup as part of their massive buildup for the FIBA World Cup in Spain and the Asian Games in Inchon, South Korea - both slated in September.
Cone will be taking that approach to be able to help the Nationals prepare-this early-for their battles in Spain in the World Cup and in the Asian Games in Inchon, South Korea, later this year.
But Acheson's worst misjudgment in Asia was his hearty support, following General Douglas MacArthur's war-reversing landing at Inchon, South Korea, for pushing into North Korea with the aim of reunifying the entire peninsula under US auspices.