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Reflecting their emphasis on health rather than income as a principal content area, most of the health surveys generally rely on one "omnibus" family income question asking about the total family income with one omnibus survey item in the form of either a continuous income amount or a categorical income amount.
451-1(a) provides that if a taxpayer improperly accrues an income amount on the basis of a reasonable estimate and subsequently determines the exact amount, the difference (if any) should be taken hat o account for the tax year in which the determination is made.
2) The greater of (a) 100 percent of the preceding year's tax or (b) 90 percent of the current year's tax based on a modified adjusted gross income amount.
If a taxpayer's personal use of a dwelling unit exceeds the greater of 14 days or 10% of rental days, his rental expenses would be deductible only up to the rental income amount.
After finding that the payment constituted compensation for both income and employment tax purposes, the FSA defined the income amount as the amount that an employee would have paid the same accounting firm for the same services in an arm's-length transaction.
The Tax Court further said the taxpayer had made a capital contribution to the corporation for the rental income amount.
Thus, wages, salaries, tips and other compensation may increase the taxable income amount.