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Noun1.earnings report - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific periodearnings report - a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period
financial statement, statement - a document showing credits and debits
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128 requires dual presentation of EPS for all periods for which income statements or summaries of earnings are shown.
These documents, which include balance sheets, income statements and cash flow analyses, are like your company's diary.
Managers are not only responsible for a property's performance, however, they are also ultimately responsible for the accuracy of its income statements.
com/research/279a37/analyzing_interp) has announced the addition of the "Analyzing & Interpreting Income Statements for Business Development Executives" audioconference to their offering.
GAAP and IFRS would force many reporting entities to change the way they present their income statements.
With regard to income statements, if a foreign tax credit is claimed, then the income statement information is required to be reported on Form 1118.
Traditional income statements report cost of goods sold or product costs first, frequently focus on product gross margins, and then deduct, as a group, other expenses such as technical, selling and administrative expenses.
The Company has also simplified its income statement presentation by condensing its "pro forma" and "official" income statements into a single, comprehensive income statement format.
472(c) or (e)(2) by providing monthly income statements to its franchisor's credit subsidiary.
95, run scenarios using their own figures with "calculators" Stewart has created for balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.
com/research/b05744/what_doctors_need) has announced the addition of the "What Doctors Need to Know About Reading Financial Statements - Understanding the Most Important Parts of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements That Impact Doctors" audioconference to their offering.
because income statements also are used as a basis for estimating future performance and assessing future cash flow prospects, arguments have been advanced urging exclusion of unusual or nonrecurring gains and losses that might reduce the usefulness of an income statement for any one year for predictive purposes.