Increasing function

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(Math.) a function whose value increases when that of the variable increases, and decreases when the latter is diminished; also called a monotonically increasing function.

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A recent meta-analysis of spinal manipulation for acute low back pain concluded that it is moderately effective in reducing pain and increasing function.
Cleanliness (C) is an increasing function g(x) of the cleanup rate ([zeta]) hence C = g([zeta]).
For a smooth, monotonic, increasing function f: [1, + [infinity]) [right arrow] [1, + [infinity]) with f(t)/[t.
We strictly define t as the monotone increasing function of both [n.
Cloud analytics is an ever increasing function within IoT development.
This decrease is an increasing function of x, the amount of such assessment.
shows that velocity field is an increasing function of It is also noted that the boundary layer also increases with an increase in Fig.
Besides, the debt of the country (i) and the detention of bonds issued by this country are an increasing function of the future anticipated yields on these bonds ([i.
2005), and based on a variety of other studies, including Laurice and Bhattacharya (2005), and Cebula (2009a), the real sales price is expected to be an increasing function of the number of desirable internal and external physical housing characteristics.
With wider product options, the RDM can be designed to meet individual needs of customers, increasing function and value.