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Social or political gradualism.

in′cre·men′tal·ist adj. & n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) political theory the theory, or implementation thereof, that change should be introduced gradually or by increments
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Among the topics are global and detailed speech representation in early language acquisition, the scope of incremental planning in producing spoken sentences, prosodic planning in speech production, gesture planning integrating knowledge of the motor plant's dynamics, and methods for analyzing the temporal evolution of speech articulator trajectories.
In perhaps the most inspirational story of the book, in the "Equipment and Infrastructure" chapter, the story of Matt and Jerica Cadman's Shady Grove Ranch, in Texas, demonstrates that careful, incremental planning can grow an idea into a lifestyle.
Sir Patrick Cormack (Con Staffordshire South) said: 'I shall do all I can to ensure the airport does not obtain by stealth or incremental planning decisions what was not granted to them in the White Paper.
Incremental planning tends to build new programs on old ones, resulting in overlapping responsibilities and duplicated activity.
Manufacturers to Make Rapid Incremental Planning and Inventory Optimization the "New Normal"
Synchronizing and automating the material planning and procurement process to help companies react much faster to changes in demand through rapid what-ifs and incremental planning exercises
Retailers can also benefit from interactive incremental planning to support real-time exception resolution, ad hoc buying and manual allocation decision support.

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