v. t.1.To fix firmly, as in cube; to secure or place firmly.
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Additional participants in the round included new investor Longwood Fund, joined by insiders Scientific Health Development, Aperture Venture Partners, InCube Ventures and Boston Scientific.
The impact of this [deal] will be felt for many years," Mir Imran, chairman of medical technology accelerator InCube Labs, told The Wall Street Journal.
Participants included Novartis, Google Ventures, InCube Ventures, a life sciences venture fund, and VentureHealth, an online venture fund, as well as a number of additional investors.
Travel expenses, prizes and the overall SEAMAC program are supported by the generous sponsorship of StarHub, True Incube, DBS Bank, Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Peace & Equity Foundation, Taiwan Venture Capital Association, and Singapore Management University.
Le melange a ete incube a la temperature de la salle pendant 2 h et l'absorbance a ete mesuree a 760 nm avec un spectrophotometre [12].
Le couple hote incube l'oeuf intrus et nourrit l'oisillon jusqu'a ce qu'il parvienne a maturite.
The company is funded by Johnson and Johnson Development Corporation, Medtronic, Kleiner Perkins, De Novo Ventures, Medventures, and InCube Ventures.
The impact of this [deal] will be felt for many years," Mir Imran, chairman of medtech accelerator InCube Labs, told the Wall Street Journal.
Based in Mountain View, California, IntraPace is backed by premier investors, including Boston Scientific, CB Health Ventures, DFJ ePlanet Ventures, InCube Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.
In the first phase, Eco Wave Power was selected to go through training and selection process coordinated by Silicon Valley angel investors INCube, and was chosen as one of the most promising concepts and teams.
The financing was led by Lilly Ventures, and included investors Den Danske Forskningsfond (Denmark), Mitsui Global Investment (Japan), Ally Bridge Group (Hong Kong), and InCube Ventures, as well as participation by Purdue Foundry Investment Fund, Mission Bay Capital, QB3 Partners, and other individual investors.
and OUS-based venture funds: DFJ ePlanet Capital, Technology Partners, and InCube Ventures.