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With as deep a reverence for the True as ever inspired the bosom of man, I would nevertheless limit, in some measure, its modes of inculcation.
In all his writing, so far as the subject permitted, he aimed chiefly at the inculcation of virtue and the formation of character.
It is obvious that one great feature of this system, is the inculcation and encouragement, even among such unhappy persons, of a decent self-respect.
Since its inception the Forum has been holding regular meetings and conferences to promote its objectives aimed at developing the concept of Ombudsmanship in Asia, inculcation of professionalism in discharge of responsibilities, encouraging and supporting studies and research in relevant fields including training and educational programmes for the member countries.
In an extremely volatile sociopolitical environment, similar to the one prevailing in a Hindutva-dominated India today, there is mobilization of hard-line elements and inculcation of radicalism throughout Myanmar's society to suppress, what radical Buddhists say, the spreading influence of Muslim minorities in Myanmar's polity.
This requires an inculcation of long-term, systemic thinking among managers, and a higher degree of interpersonal skills than ever before.
Shehr-e-Kitab Mela is the third of its kind where cause-oriented activities including Readers Club Scheme and Lucky Book Draw are prominent for book promotion culture and inculcation of book reading habit among the people far and wide in Pakistan.
In this respect, he added, the core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, courage, excellence and result orientation shall be the focus for further inculcation into the SBP culture.
Open Competition: Provision of services for the organization and conduct of measures to prevent extremism and inculcation of tolerant behavior of the population living on the territory of the municipality number 15, crime prevention and road traffic injuries, the health of residents MO 15 from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption.
Atop this heap of undirected misery, fear, anger and bigotry -- a breeding ground for intolerance and inculcation -- stand the ghouls and gangsters of [Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)], the extremists' extremist mafia of choice.
The nature of the CBRN business is complex and complicated; but with the proper inculcation of the Profession of Arms, we will win in any environment--anywhere and anytime.
Andrew Paxman shows, through his analysis of the emergence of television, that the inculcation of nationalism was not the overriding aim of the PRI, which also sought to curry favour with the business elite.