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Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism Sevda Mammadaliyeva said that the relations between Azerbaijan and Japan successfully develop in various fields including inculture.
When planning thesecurity of amedical facility, you need to factor inculture, which may look awkward but you can't ignore it.
Additionally, this event highlights QatarFoundation's commitment to fostering a generation of youth grounded inculture and values.
Pousses dans les cordes par les republicains, qui font leur beurre avec cette inculture ambiante qui est le lot de beaucoup de citoyens americains, les chefs de file de la communaute musulmane sont souvent obliges de monter au creneau pour s'expliquer, se justifier.
Indeed, we are blessed in so many ways and if only there could be a real shift inculture, however gradual, and individual recognitionextendedthat a few moments of thought and considerationwould be sensible and fair to us all, and the norm, beforelooking around, checking nobody is watching --and chucking our unwanted bits and pieces where someone else may (but probably will not) clear them up.
Le roman, ecrivit-il a Bazin, malgre ses qualites indeniables, projetait une image tronquee du Canada francais, qui n'etait pas que terres sauvages, isolement, nomadisme, illettrisme et inculture.
A la conviction chretienne que seule une petite poignee de predestines sera sauvee de la massa damnata (la masse augustinienne des Damnes de l'Enfer) repond aussi bien le cynisme considere des magnats victoriens face a la revendication irrealiste des Damnes de la Terre a jouir d'un pretendu Droit au developpement (Hobsbawm 1977 : 257) que le snobisme <<distinctif>>, comme l'aurait dit Bourdieu (1979), des elites cultivees vis-a-vis de l'irremediable inculture des masses.
Many marketers don't understand that they Americanize everything, says Tom MacDonald, TeleTech's executive director of real-time translation service, InCulture.
Micrographs picturing the drug's damage to cells grown inculture show "very dramatic' results, DeSombre says: "The cells look like they've had a miniature atom blast in the middle of them.
Going InCulture, which BrainReserve calls Cultural Relevance or "CuRe," is a rigorous, research-based approach to analyzing the culture in which a business or brand operates.