indentured servant

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inden′tured serv′ant

a person who is bound to work for another for a specified period of time, esp. such a person who came to America during the colonial period.
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Among their topics are blasphemy, the Bow Street runners, capital punishment in England and Wales, discharged prisoners' aid societies, first-wave feminism, indentured labor, lethal violence in Scotland, medical testimony in the judicial sphere, police court missionaries, the respectable criminal, slavery in the Americas, the criminal underworld, white-collar crime, and workhouse children.
This statement reflects one of the dissenting voices, not to indentured labor per se, but to the introduction of "coolies" into the colony.
The Tariff Act of 1930 bars the import of goods made by convict, forced or indentured labor, but it exempts goods for which US demand outstrips domestic production.
David Northrup, Indentured Labor in the Age of Imperialism, 1834-1922, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York 1995.
Her puzzling omission of several well-known works on indentured labor elsewhere in the British Empire prevents her from locating this personal and Indo-Guyanese story within larger histories of commodity chains and plantation capitalism, and their connections to global coolie migrations and diasporas.
A major problem in Mexico is the lack of support services for victims, particularly women and girls rescued from indentured labor as sexual workers.
Consumers like trendy sport shoes more than they dislike that they're made in sweatshops by indentured labor.
He examines recruiting, processing and transporting bracero labor to the US, then takes a stand in defense of indentured labor, examines the case of Henry P.
However, the solution to the latter was never found, and Indians continued to provide indentured labor until 1917, when the system was abolished.
Foreign Product Blacklisting to identify goods made with convict, forced, or indentured labor, including forced or indentured child labor.
He is concerned, in short, with the projection in the Indian Ocean Arena of Indian administrative methods, Indian terminology, Indian concepts of policing, Indian military power, Indian indentured labor, Indian middle-ranking personnel, and the barriers which Indians were not allowed to cross.
Horizons of memory: Indian indentured labor and identity in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.