indentured servant

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inden′tured serv′ant

a person who is bound to work for another for a specified period of time, esp. such a person who came to America during the colonial period.
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Naipaul's family history gave him, as the grandson of an indentured labourer from Uttar Pradesh, a degree of detachment from the brutal mainstream of West Indian history which Fanon, as the descendent of African slaves, could not enjoy; and another kind of detachment was fostered in him by the particular imperialist ideology of which he was a product.
Prasad's grandfather on his maternal side was a Hindu guru who travelled to Fiji on the indentured labourer ships as a spiritual leader.
As an indentured labourer on a sugar plantation in either Trinidad or British Guiana, the East Indian immigrant was required to assume a certain position within the plantation's social system.
Apravasi Ghat represents the location where members of the early Indian community arrived in Mauritius as indentured labourers in the 19th century.
In the late 1800s, the British brought over thousands of Indian indentured labourers to work on the sugar plantations that funnelled raw materials and cash to the Empire.
There have long been enterprising business people who can find a way to turn a good profit given a sufficient supply of workers, whether this is obtained through slavery; transported and assigned convicts, indentured labourers or the free movement of people.
When construction of the Uganda railways began, Indian medical staff also accompanied indentured labourers from India.
A key source are a series of applications for Australian citizenship filed in the 1950s and 1960s by Indonesian residents who had served as indentured labourers.
His medical practice is located in an apartheid-designated 'Indian' township, the residents of which are descendants of the indentured labourers brought in from India in 1860 and the following years to work in the sugarcane plantations of what was then the Natal Colony.
Coolie was a word used to describe the indentured labourers.
The menu is inspired by the influence of Asian flavours on the Cuban cuisine when in the 1850s indentured labourers from China started to fuse Chinese flavours into Cuban ingredients.
Over the years, the Hindi language has evolved in our country, and has been influenced by other Indian languages brought to our country by indentured labourers and other immigrants, (like) Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Gujarati, as well as our own local African languages, isiZulu, isiXhosa and others," Gordhan said.