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The impact of stock index future trading, on the volatility of the underlying Nifty and Nifty Junior stock index market, is investigated by estimating a model for a period which covers the time before and after the introduction of stock index futures contracts.
of Reading, UK) introduces the general properties of stock index futures markets and analyzes some of the economic forces at work in index future markets.
A stock index future is just like a port belly future, only instead of being a commitment to buy pork, it's a commitment to buy a "basket" of stocks.
In the case of a stock index future, speculatorsbet that a group of stocks is going to go up or down in value.
And yet today's trader has to know precisely how to compare the cost of an ETF to the cost of the underlying basket, all the while needing to understand financing and volatility charges included in the price of a swap transaction and the richness/cheapness of roll risk in the calendar spread on the stock index future.
Trading binary requires only an opinion about whether a commodity, currency or equity index future is likely to move higher or lower.
0 million contracts, down 24 percent from September 2015 and down 46 percent from October 2014, when VIX Index futures set monthly and daily volume records.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- China's Hushen 300 index futures closed lower on Wednesday, with the contract for September, the most actively traded, down 2.
SGX and JPX pioneered Nikkei 225 Index Futures to promote the Japanese capital markets.
investors can now trade its latest suite of Asian index futures with ease:
Asian index futures declined as the absence of a deal to raise the U.
DGCX Sensex, Futures will be the first Indian index futures to be introduced to the Middle East and North Africa region.