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Noun1.Indian rupee - the basic unit of money in India; equal to 100 paise
Indian monetary unit - monetary unit in India
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
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She showed it to me, Watson, and it was an Indian rupee.
In an official statement, the bank said: "Following reports about the presence of amounts of counterfeit Indian rupees currency in the local market and the markets of neighboring countries, the bank urges all nationals and expatriates traveling to India to avoid the Indian rupee.
Summary: Two jobless Asian men were sentenced by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance on Thursday to six months each in jail for possessing fake Indian rupees worth 68,000.
The Indian central bank is to offer USD2bn in foreign currency and Indian rupees to member countries of SAARC.
The Qatari riyal will continue to fetch more Indian rupees for the coming twothree months.
What happens is at the time of creating these so-called deposits, banks sell these funds for Indian rupees, where the delivery is on a one-year forward basis.
Remittances in UAE dirhams, Qatar riyals, Saudi riyals, Bahrain dinars, Kuwait dinars and Oman riyals increased in value when converted to Indian rupees, fetching more income for beneficiaries of remittances.
The scheme covers that 2,000 Indian Rupees (US$31) will be credited in bank accounts in two instalments, and other welfare schemes will be routed through it and the card would also offer medical cover to all the recipients worth up to 300,000 Indian Rupees (US$4,700) by 2015.
Prices for INRGBP Mini Futures and INREUR Mini Futures are quoted in GBP Pence per 100 Indian Rupees and EUR Cents per 100 Indian Rupees respectively.
Every riyal saved is very important for me as it can fetch more Indian rupees than usual," he added.
Prices are quoted in US Cents per 100 Indian Rupees, with a minimum premium fluctuation of 0.
India's government has agreed to provide Air India with up to 50 billion Indian rupees (USD1.