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Noun1.Indian rupee - the basic unit of money in India; equal to 100 paise
Indian monetary unit - monetary unit in India
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
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She showed it to me, Watson, and it was an Indian rupee.
In view of the Foreign Trade (Exemption in application of Rules in certain cases) Order 2017 and clarification of RBI, it has been decided to extend the facility of payments in Indian rupees, through INR debit cards or credit cards at Duty Free Shops, without any need for conversion of foreign currency into Indian Rupees," the circular said.
Indian rupees account for 30 per cent of the country's international exchange reserves amounting to about Rs 27 billion ($390 million).
Any Indian bank in the Dubai International Financial Centre is not authorised to collect any cash, whether it is Indian rupees or US dollars as per the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regulations.
Sudhir Shetty, the president of the UAE Exchange, told Gulf News that the company does not have the stock of Indian rupees in the denominations Rs100 and Rs50.
Prices for INRGBP Mini Futures and INREUR Mini Futures are quoted in GBP Pence per 100 Indian Rupees and EUR Cents per 100 Indian Rupees respectively.
In an official statement, the bank said: "Following reports about the presence of amounts of counterfeit Indian rupees currency in the local market and the markets of neighboring countries, the bank urges all nationals and expatriates traveling to India to avoid the Indian rupee.
The Indian central bank is to offer USD2bn in foreign currency and Indian rupees to member countries of SAARC.
Prices are quoted in US cents per 100 Indian rupees, with a minimum premium fluctuation of 0.
Card companies allow foreign airlines to select the country and currency of their choice for the sale of air tickets in Indian rupees.
India's government has agreed to provide Air India with up to 50 billion Indian rupees (USD1.
In May 2005, his painting 'Kali' sold for 10 million Indian rupees at Indian auction house Saffronart's online auction.