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Noun1.Indian chief - the leader of a group of Native AmericansIndian chief - the leader of a group of Native Americans
tribal chief, chieftain, headman, chief - the head of a tribe or clan
sagamore, sachem - a chief of a North American tribe or confederation (especially an Algonquian chief)
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His continuing seated was, how ever, out of respect to the Indian chief.
He paused a moment, and then, elevating himself with the grandeur of an Indian chief, he added: “If Chingachgook lives to travel toward the setting sun, after his tribe, and the Great Spirit carries him over the lakes and mountains with the breath of his body, he will tell his people the good talk he has heard; and they will believe him; for who can say that Mohegan has ever lied?
The Connecticut settlers, assisted by a celebrated Indian chief named Uncas, bore the brunt of this war, with but little aid from Massachusetts.
It might be palace without, but it was wigwam within; so that, between the stateliness of his mansion and the squalidness of his furniture, the gallant White Plume presented some such whimsical incongruity as we see in the gala equipments of an Indian chief on a treaty-making embassy at Washington, who has been generously decked out in cocked hat and military coat, in contrast to his breech-clout and leathern legging; being grand officer at top, and ragged Indian at bottom.
To make a necklace for playing Indian Chief," explained Davy, climbing upon Anne's lap.
He well knew that the authority of an Indian chief was so little conventional, that it was oftener maintained by physical superiority than by any moral supremacy he might possess.
He had a neat little cart, painted green, with a box of cigars depicted on each side panel, and an Indian chief, holding a pipe and a golden tobacco stalk, on the rear.
One of his productions, an Indian chief, gilded all over, stood during the better part of a century on the cupola of the Province House, bedazzling the eyes of those who looked upward, like an angel of the sun.
He had been taking every chance that came of making a personal acquaintance with the Indian chiefs of the western tribes who were to be encountered about this period on their way in the frequent Indian embassies to Washington.
He was one of the first among the Indian chiefs on the Missouri to deal with the white traders, and showed great sagacity in levying his royal dues.
Yet no writer can be more secure of a permanent place in our literature than the biographer of the Indian chiefs.
The PPP leader further added that the Indian chief justice has also asked the question as to how a thief can be a party president, but Rahul Gandhi or Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have never said that we are being termed thieves.

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