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n.1.(Chem.) A dark red crystalline substance, isomeric with and resembling indigo blue, and obtained from isatide and dioxindol.
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The 54-year-old had replaced Joe Dawes in 2014 and was there with the Indin team till 2016 when Shastri wasn't appointed coach and spin legend Anil Kumble was handed the head coach's post.
Partnerships between cooperatives and corporates can bring about a great change and hugely boost the Indin economy.
The situation is tense across the Indin occupied Kashmir Valley.
EAC 52-Munsayac 9, Mbang 7, Onwubere 6, Diego 6, Laminou 5, Morada 5, Esplana 5, Pascual 5, Corilla 2, Pascua 2, Saludo 2, Estacio 0, General 0, Indin 0, Mejos 0, Aderes 0
Left with just Jerald Serrano, Jozhua General, Ai Indin and Christ Mejos, the Generals had no other choice but to give the game to Perpetual.
Established in Indin and Nepal for years, GoodWeave added Afghanistan to its list of countries after rug manufacturer Ariana joined its organization in 2012.
Le ministre des Finances, Ali Mahmoud, a signe pour le gouvernement du Soudan, tandis que la Banque des exportations et importations en Inde a signe au nom du gouvernement de l'Inde, en presence du ministre d'Etat indin des Affaires etrangeres.
Summary: The Indin rupee, which over the last year has depreciated consistently, is bringing cheers to UAE non-resident Indians, or NRIs, as they can now buy property in India even if it stretches to Rs1 crore or more, according to a survey.
INDIN 6th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics, 129-134, Daejeon, Korea, 13 -16 de Julio, (2008)
INDIN = 1 if the company is finance and banking company, else INDIN = 0.
said now I was a / fake / Indian look-it her now yer / Indin / girl is a