a.1.Of or relating to the English who are born or reside in India; Anglo-Indian.
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She is author of two books of scholarly criticism, Cultural Imperialism: Genre and Ideology in the Indo-English Novel (Penn State Press 1993), and A Critical Stage:
Transcultural Memory and Globalised Modernity in Contemporary Indo-English Novels
Based on the author's PhD thesis, this study examines transcultural memory in Indo-English novels by writers from India and Pakistan, and how they engage with the idea and practice of memory as an individual and collective experience.
For this reason--and because his literature is some of the finest to emerge from the Indo-English encounter--he will be worth watching; his next move should not be missed.
He has also directed and produced films like "Junoon", "Kalyug (1980)", "Utsav", "Ajooba" and acted in Indo-English movies "Bombay Talkies", "Heart and Dust", "Shakespear-Wallah", and "The Householder.
This recommended volume immediately establishes Ramanujan as a poet of striking imagery and perfect language with an eye for the specific physiognomy of an object or situation, as the noted Indo-English poet R.
Between two worlds; nation, Rushdie and postcolonial Indo-English fiction.
Chowdhury (English, Heritage College, Quebec) examines representations of national identity in connection to postcolonialism in the works of Salman Rushdie and other post-Rushdie Indo-English works of fiction since the 1980s.
Naturally, the Indo-English relationship has fascinated writers and readers the world over for more than a century, and such writers as Rudyard Kipling, E.
In the early years English owed a lot to Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Toru Dutt and other Indo-English writers.
These Indo-English authors have successfully created a niche within the broader English literary tradition and attracted the attention of critics and general readers both within and outside India.
In consequence, they developed a characteristic Indo-English language which absorbed numerous speech conventions from regional Indian languages, with Hindi probably exerting the greatest influence.
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