Induced current

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the veracity confirmation of the graphs obtained for induced current density distribution.
We bring a current with an interchangeable frequency to those stators, so the train is running on the wave of this induced current.
Harmonic current induces current to the rotor winding and this induced current can be used as field current after rectified by the diode.
The induced current from CMUTs after the current amplifier, [I.
One of the key technologies that enable the device to be powered entirely by the induced current from the handheld transmitter is the microvalve.
The most common ones are the widespread use of the grid-connected static power converters [2], [3], the influence of the high-voltage DC transmission [4] and the geomagnetically induced current (GIC) [5], [6].
As the [solar] wind changes, the umbrella flops around" and the EEJ subsequently increases the induced current levels on the ground around the equator.
Keywords: Electromagnetic field, human body, transmission line, induced current.
The magnitude of the induced current and field is proportional to the strength of the applied magnetic field at any given moment.
The standard for lighting requires special measurement of induced current density.
cap] represent for the induced voltage due to the inductive coupling and the induced current source due to the capacitive coupling, respectively.
t] of the shield, which describe the processes by which a portion of the induced current and the induced charge on the shield find their way onto the internal wire, respectively.