n.1.Lack of evidence; obscurity.
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Ils font resonner autre chose, une inevidence qui ne se voit pas manifestement.
Managing director of inEvidence, Robin Hamilton; Managing director of Harvard, Louie St Claire and Karin Laljani, managing director of Corporate Citizenship, will stay in their roles but are promoted to join the board.
He bound her wrists and then raped her, the girl said inevidence at the High Court in Dundee on the first day of the Barker's trial.
But again their tendency to draw rather than win, that has proved costly, was inevidence.
But McCracken made a mistake inevidence from one of his team-mates, Capucho, since he signed from Porto in a pounds 650,000 summer move.
This summer marked the first season at Santa Fe Opera with Richard Gaddes at the helm, but the imprint of the long-serving John Crosby was still very much inevidence, from the mix of repertoire to the presence of Crosby himself as guest conductor in his beloved annual Strauss offering, in this case Die Aegyptische Helena, which received an opulent, high-camp production.