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a.1.(Mus.) Infinite; perpetual, as a canon whose end leads back to the beginning. See Infinite, a., 5.
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These will include lamps from the Infinito, Compasso and Hatha ranges, which have all received the Red Dot awards.
Sat and Warner Channel); News (CNN International, CNN en Espanol, CNN Chile and HLN); Trends (TBS veryfunny, HTV, MuchMusic, Glitz*, Infinito and truTV) and Sports (Esporte Interativo and Esporte Interativo Nordeste).
El infinito no es unico: hay uno dentro de mi y otro afuera, por donde voy resbalando.
968, or Antigonth (Antigone), 1970, the works' titles underline their figurative references, but in other cases they insist on abstraction, as in Modulo infinito (infinite Module), 1.
Industrias Infinito said that its parent company, Infinito Gold, has filed a law suit against Costa Rica at the Intl Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) seeking compensation as a result of their investments in the canceled mining project of Crucitas, reports CentralAmericaData.
In Lemene tale situazione si origina come conseguenza necessaria del procedere dell'esposizione teologica: Dio e infinito e onnipresente (<<riempie il tutto>>), dunque persino chi nel pensiero va <<fingendo [.
Segun indica el titulo del primer capitulo, "From the Frontier to the Metropolis," sus paginas se centran en esos primeros anos, subrayando su temprano amor por la poesia y por la naturaleza agreste del sur de Chile asi como sus vivencias en los circulos estudiantiles y literarios de Santiago, vistos tanto retrospectivamente a traves de los versos de un Neruda adulto como a traves de los de sus tres primeros poemarios: Crepusculario (1923), Veinte poemas de amor (1924) y Tentativa del hombre infinito (1926).
The blue Bianchi Infinito carbon cycle was taken between 5pm on Tuesday, and 10pm the following night.
a imagem de um espelho concavo, apos afastar-se ao infinito, reaparece de repente diante de nos: assim tambem sucede que, quando o conhecimento como que passou por um infinito, reencontra-se a graca" (1997, p.
From then to 1998, exploratory work was done by the project's owner company Industrias Infinito, a Canadian-funded Costa Rican subsidiary to Infinito Gold, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it was thus determined that a gold deposit existed.
The falcon is the "rigoroso legame feudocavalleresco tra uccello da caccia e uccellatore [che] si trasforma in un desiderio infinito d'unione con l'amata assente" (91).
The park is divided into five themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and the Islands of the Mediterranean, and the best rides include The Falls Of The Nile log flume, Alexandria's Port, a boat ride from Egypt to Iberia, and the terrifying Infinito, a 100m tower with a great view of Benidorm's skyline if you're brave enough to open your eyes.